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Interview Report

The most efficient way to submit the interview report form (Form 6) is though I-Track, the Admissions Office's interview tracking tool for alumni interviewers. 

Click here to go to I-Track.


Interview Report Form Download

If you wish to print a copy of the interview report you can download it as either a PDF document or as a Microsoft Word document.

The interview report form below is provided in Adobe's PDF format, for which you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader program. You can download it here in order to view and print the interview report form.

The interview report form below is provided in Microsoft Word format, for which you will need the Microsoft Word program.

For further information regarding interviewing procedures, please see The Process section of this web site.

Tips for filing an interview report online

1. Test the form. Though this online form has been successfully used by hundreds of users to file thousands of reports, it makes sense to be sure it will work for you. A test should include clicking on your "back" button to make sure your work is not inadvertently erased.

2. Keep notes. The form is being hosted on Dartmouth's very stable and very reliable network. Even so, connection problems occasionally do crop up independent of our server (ie, your connection to the web or your ISP). An unexpected interruption, however unlikely, could cause you to lose your work before you submit it.

3. Enter your report in one sitting. While our online form does not have a clock that will "time-out" a user after a specified amount of time, some web browsers have this function built-in for security purposes.

4. When in doubt, print. The review-report page (the second page of this form) is formatted for easy printing. If you'd like a paper copy of your work immediately, we suggest printing this page.

Last Updated: 2/7/13