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Sample Reports

The completed Form 6s that you just downloaded are samples that should give you, especially those of you who are new to the interview process, an idea as to what sort of information can be helpful to the Admissions Office. All of the samples are composites of actual Form 6s, but specific identifiers have been deleted.

You can download the four sample reports below. (There is one download for all four reports)

4 Sample Reports (249K PDF File)

The reports are provided in Adobe's PDF format, for which you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader program. You can download it here, free of charge, in order to view and print the reports.

A Strong, Positive Interview

The interview report for "Hillary Kiline" is succinct, thorough, and clearly presented. The interviewers support their statements with particular anecdotes and examples rather than vague generalities. Reflecting the interviewers' comprehensive assessment of the candidate, the summary statement goes beyond the material already discussed to support their recommendation to admit the student. "Hillary's" Form 6 was very useful in the final positive decision.

An Unhelpful Report

"Sawyer Walsh" also provides us with a report carrying a high overall rating. However, the report does not go beyond the material that the Admissions Office will have when reviewing the student's application. The report is sparse and lacking specifics. It provides little insight into the candidate and why he may be considered "outstanding" in our applicant pool or how he could contribute to Dartmouth.

A Balanced and Critical Assessment

"Ramesh Gupta, Jr." is another example of a solid report with helpful information. The interviewers do a fine job in expressing their reservations about a seemingly accomplished and worthy candidate who lacks a certain spark. They support their assessment with concrete examples and compose a summary statement that is both thoughtful and critical.

A Balanced Report that made the Difference

"Alicia Reyes" provides us with an example of a well-written report that proved to be extremely helpful in the decision making process. Although the interviewer assigns the candidate an overall rating of "desirable," the content of the report perfectly illustrates the student's strengths and how the student could contribute at Dartmouth. It provides a critical, yet positive, assessment of a candidate who may not be overwhelmingly outstanding, but would be a tremendous asset to the Dartmouth community.

Last Updated: 12/2/15