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I-Track is a web-based online Interview Tracking tool developed by the Admissions Office and Dartmouth's Web Services Group.  District Enrollment Directors (DEDs) use I-Track to match alumni with applicants for interviewing and Alumni Interviewers use I-Track to get the information they need to arrange their interviews and to submit their interview reports online.  DEDs are able to track the progress of the applicants in their district through the admissions cycle.  Similarly, Interviewers can track the progress of the applicants they have interviewed.

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I-Track User Notes for Interviewers

I-Track User Notes for DEDs 

I-Track 4.0 is live!

I-Track 4.0 is now online and ready to be used by all Alumni Enrollment Volunteers. Dartmouth Web Services has made programming upgrades so that I-Track runs more smoothly behind the scenes, and offers some new functionality requested by DED's.

Notable changes for DED's and interviewers include:

  • Interviews tab. In addition to the Applicants and Members tabs, there is now a new Interviews tab for volunteers to view and manage interview events.
  • Preferred email addresses. DED's can update interviewers' email addresses, and all messages sent through I-Track will go to the preferred email (does not have to be the Dartmouth alum account). Interviewers do still need a VON account to access I-Track.
  • DED's have the ability to assign interviews and notify interviewers in bulk.
  • Interviewers are now referred to in I-Track as "members" (as in "members of district 017") instead of "volunteers."
  • Cell phone number on the Applicant Detail page, if provided by the applicant.

The updated I-Track User Notes for DEDs serves as the guide to this new version of I-Track for all DED's and AED's.

The I-Track User Notes for Interviewers contains instructions for all interviewers and super-interviews.

Log into I-Track now at

If you encounter any problems with I-Track, please email, and we will do our best to answer your questions or to forward them on to the product developer for help.

Many thanks for your patience with I-Track 4.0, and for all your work!

Isabel Casariego Bober '04, Associate Director of Admissions Recruitment
Deb Melvin, Liaison to Alumni Admissions Volunteers

Last Updated: 11/1/12