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General Interviewing Information

Before the first interview, please read over the guidelines and sample cases carefully. After several interviews, and at the start of each interviewing season, a re-reading of the "suggestions" section will be helpful in keeping on track.

Candidates from Boarding Schools

Interview reports for applicants in boarding schools will be sent to the District Enrollment Director for the area in which the candidate attends school over the entire interviewing season. Interviewers should be aware of the fact that applicants will normally leave their boarding schools for home addresses or vacations during the December holiday season. Do not send the Interview Reports to the Admissions Office, nor to another district, in the hope of an interview being scheduled during the holidays. These Interview Reports should simply be held until the applicants return to the boarding school addresses in January. Interviews should, therefore, be scheduled as early as possible for any Early Decision boarding school candidates and after December for the Regular Decision boarding school applicants who will have returned to school by that time.

Decision Notification

The Admissions Office will notify candidates of early decisions by mid-December. The Admissions Office will notify candidates of regular decisions in the first week of April. Two days after each mailing, Interviewers will be able to see the admissions decisions for the students whom they interviewed by logging into I-Track.

Submitting Interview Evaluations

1) The most efficient way to submit the interview evaluation form is though I-Track, the Admissions Office's interview tracking tool for alumni interviewers, which you can access at You will be linked to the interview report form and when you click “submit,” your report will be sent to the Admissions Office.

2) E-mail Transmission Our e-mail address is Please type "F6" and the candidate's name in the subject heading. The DED, as well as the individual interviewer(s), should receive a copy of the report.

3) Facsimile Transmission The Admission Office fax number is (603) 646-1216 and Form 6s may be faxed. When using FAX for this purpose, please note that you should add the candidate's name to page 2 of the Form 6 in the designated space. This will help prevent filing errors or problems with separated pages of the same report. If a Form 6 has been sent by fax to the office, the original or a follow up copy does not need to be mailed to the Admissions Office. Please be sure that the DED as well as the individual interviewer(s) has a copy of the report.

Last Updated: 2/7/13