Transgenic and Genetic Construct Shared Resource

Technician working with transgenic mice


Steven Fiering, PhD, director
Jen Fields, BS, technician
Sandy Warner, technician

Mission Statement

Our mission as part of the Dartmouth Immunology COBRE is to provide support for the generation and experimental utilization of transgenic animals for immunology experiments by COBRE project leaders and the general immunology research community.

Case Study

Recent work with the lab of Jose Conejo-Garcia has generated a novel transgenic mouse model of ovarian cancer that can be initiated by surgically injecting adenovirus expressing Cre into the ovarian bursa. The model utilizes mice that are homozygous for "floxed" p53 and hemizygous for lox.stop/lox mutant KRAS. These animals rapidly develop ovarian cancer after the adenovirus cre exposure and by 60 days after such exposure the ovarian tumor is large and the experiment must be stopped. Dr. Conejo-Garcia is studying the early events in ovarian cancer development and techniques for early detection of cancer using this model.

List of Services

Transgenic Mouse generation

  • ES cell culture and genetic manipulation
  • Generation of ES cell chimeric mice to make transgenic mice
  • Oocyte injection with DNA to make transgenic mice

Transgenic mouse maintenance

  • Biopsies, genotyping, tagging and general breeding and husbandry
  • Rederivation of pathogen infected mice being imported to Dartmouth
  • Preservation of transgenics lines by freezing

Genetic construct services

  • Generation of small genetic constructs by recombineering in yeast
  • Generation of bacterial artificial chromosome genetic constructs by recombineering in E. coli

Specialized techniques using transgenic mice

  • Generation of mice with a humanized immune system


Steve Fiering, 603-653-9966

Jen Fields, 603-6035