DartMouse: The Mouse Speed Congenic Shared Resource Facility


Director: James D. Gorham, MD PhD, Professor, Departments of Pathology and of Microbiology and Immunology, DMS

Staff: Matthew Ranson, Laboratory Manager
Beverley Gorham, Laboratory Technologist


DartMouse is a not-for-profit core facility funded by the National Institutes of Health. The mission of DartMouse is to facilitate the development of congenic mice in support of pre-clinical projects across the United States and around the world.

Overview of Services

Use of DartMouse allows the generation of congenic mice in 5 generations (~1.5 years), versus the 10-20 generations (3-5 years) required by conventional back-crossing.

Investigators provide mouse tail clippings; DartMouse isolates genomic DNA and performs and analyzes complete genome-wide scans using single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). We return data in graphical and spreadsheet formats, and make specific recommendations on breeder selection in a user-friendly written report.

Chips use a 1449 SNP array covering the mouse genome with an average density of <2 cM.

Case Study

The research laboratory of Jose Conejo-Garcia, PhD (Assistant Professor of Microbiology/Immunology) studies the immune response to ovarian cancer. Dr. Conejo-Garcia's project was to study the immune response in mice in which the p53 tumor suppressor gene was deficient in specific cell types. Dr. Conejo-Garcia acquired the specific mouse line, but, unfortunately, the line was not on a genetic background appropriate for his studies. Dr. Conejo-Garcia used the DartMouse facility to rapidly back-cross the p53 modified mouse onto the C57Bl/6 mouse genetic background, which is appropriate for his studies. Dr. Conejo-Garcia's laboratory is now actively using this mouse to study the immune response to ovarian cancer.

List of Services

Speed congenic support:

  • Screen for best male carrier at each generation
  • Background checks
  • Detailed interval mapping
  • Genome-Wide Association Studies (aka QTL)


Phone: (603) 650-8686
E-Mail: DartMouse@dartmouth.edu
Web Site: www.dartmouse.org