Overall COBRE Director

William R. Green, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair (now replaced by acting chair), Microbiology and Immunology


William F. Hickey, M.D.
Professor, Pathology

Randolph J. Noelle, Ph.D.
Professor and Acting Chair, Microbiology and Immunology


The Administrative Core, located at Dartmouth Medical School (DMS), will provide advising and mentoring, financial management, secretarial, and computer support for the entire COBRE Program.


In the COBRE's eighth year of funding, Dr. Green, as P.I. of the overall COBRE program, has continued to provided research leadership and administrative skills, the latter via directing Administrative Core A. The project and core leaders are interacting in a productive manner under his guidance. The mentoring of the faculty project leaders occurs by the close involvement of Dr. Green and the three established co-investigator/senior mentors assigned to each project leader, who have implemented a mentoring and assessment of progress structure for the career development of the COBRE project leaders. Three dedication senior faculty mentors per project leader have been defined. This assessment of progress includes expectations for publications, presentations, and additional extramural grant support. In this way the goal is to foster the independence and career development of each of the project leaders.

The institutional commitment (Dartmouth: Dartmouth Medical School/DMS and Dartmouth Hitchcock Memorial Hospital/DHMC) is evident by the important new faculty recruitments completed and underway. Specifically relevant are the successful recruitments of the first five plus years, who have now established their research programs and thereby have provided additional scientific interactions to the COBRE investigative group, and the recruitment of Dr. Richard Enelow, M.D., as the Section Chief of the Pulmonary Division in the Department of Medicine and as the COBRE Project 1 Leader.

The COBRE interactions between Dartmouth and the two COBREs on Lung Biology, both at DMS and the University of Vermont are coordinated by the dialogue between Dr. Green and his counterpart COBRE PI's Drs. Stanton and Irvin, and the new Immunology COBRE at UVM (PI, Dr. Budd), at their respective sites. As an example of these interactions, Drs. Green and Guyre of DMS have begun joint COBRE meetings with these three other COBREs, and, indeed, including very well-attended, four-COBRE meetings.