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Early Modern Religion and Literature in Old and New England

Call for Papers

The conference theme is intentionally broad and we encourage submissions for the conference sessions on any topic relating to John Bunyan's work, its reception, influences and 17th-century religion, culture and literature in England and New England.

Please submit abstracts or completed papers, keeping in mind that the reading time for completed papers should not exceed 20 minutes at a deliberate pace. Generally that means a paper of no more than 9 pages double spaced, including quotations.

Papers or abstracts should be sent to Professor Thomas Luxon no later than July 1, 2007. We will consider abstracts and papers for the program as they arrive so the sooner you submit a proposal or paper the better its chances for inclusion in the program. We prefer electronic submissions (enclosures in Word or PDF) at Thomas.H.Luxon@Dartmouth.edu but will also accept printed submissions at

Thomas H. Luxon
6247 Baker/Berry
Dartmouth College
Hanover NH 03755

Effigy on Bunyan's Tomb

Effigy on Bunyan's Monument in Bunhill Fields

The International John Bunyan Society exists to promote and support scholarship about Bunyan, his contemporaries and his influence.

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