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11/08/12 Northern Forests Are Threateend by the Southern Pine Beetle (Dartmouth Now)
11/05/12 Why Can't I Be Like You: Meredith Kelly (Rookie Magazine)
09/13/12 IGERT Nina Lany Presents at NOAC Conference
08/15/12 Albert's Polar Firn Research Featured in "Ancient Ice" (International Innovation)
08/14/12 First-Person Field Report: Glacial History in Eastern Greenland (Polar Field Notes)
08/11/12 Greenland Enters Melt Mode (ScienceNews)
07/27/12 Mosquitoes likely to thrive in wetter, warmer Arctic (Nunatsiaq News)
07/26/12 Skeptics put freeze on NASA 'hot air' about Greenland ice (FoxNews)
07/26/12 ‘Unprecedented’ Greenland Surface Melt – Every 150 Years? (The New York Times)
07/24/12 Greenland ice sheet had biggest thaw since 1973 this month, scientists say (Washington Post)
07/24/12 Greenland Extreme July Meltdown (Environmental News Service)
07/24/12 Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt (NASA)
07/23/12 IGERTs Discover Big Science on the Greenland Ice Sheet (Dartmouth)
06/08/12 Thinning Arctic Ice Allows Plankton Bloom (Scientific American)
06/10/12 Aqqaluk Lynge Receives Dartmouth Honorary Degree (Dartmouth Now)
01/07/12 ICC Chair Talks about the Future of the Inuit (The Dartmouth)
01/03/12 SkyTEM Scans Below the Antarctic Surface (The Antarctic Sun)
01/13/12 Ancient Ice and Our Planet's Future (narrated by Gifford Wong) (WAIS Divide)
12/05/11 Kalaallisut Language Key to Climate Change Response in Greenland (SoroSoro)
11/08/11 Danish Ambassador to U.S. Talks About Dartmouth-Greenland Collaboration (Foreign Policy Association)
08/18/11 Finding the Arctic In New York City (IGERT blog)
08/18/11 ICC President Talks about Exploitation of Greenland's Mineral Wealth (NPR)
08/05/11 Filmmaker Gives IGERT Program 'Warm Greetings'
08/04/11 Shackleton Project 69°S Will Premier at Dartmouth with Climate Panel
07/25/11 Students in Joint Science Ed Program Experience Field Research First Hand (IGERT blog)
07/25/11 iisPACS at Summit in Greenland (IGERT blog)
07/23/11 Studying the Effects of Fukushima Radiation in Greenland (IGERT blog)
07/12/11 Yeti Goes for a Spin (DiscoveryNews)
05/15/11 IGERTs Convene to Discuss Rapid Environmental & Social Change in the Arctic
02/28/11 Luce on Careful Use of Renewable Energies (DJUS)
01/31/11 WAIS Divide Finishes 5-Year Effort (Antarctic Sun)
01/21/11 Dartmouth Panel Discusses Climate Change
01/18/11 Impact of Receding Snow May Accelerate Global Warming (Christian Science Monitor)
01/15/11 IGERT Talks with Greenland Radio
01/01/11 IGERT Fellow Receives 2010 David Cushing Prize
11/17/10 IGERT Co-PI Received NSF Grant to Study Storms (Dartmouth Now)
11/17/10 Steve Colt & Anne Gore Discuss Alaskan Environment and Economy (The Dartmouth)
10/15/10 NRR Reporter Richard Harris Speaks on Climate and the Media (Dartmouth Now)
07/23/10 IGERT Fellow Measures Ocean Ice with NASA (NASA News)
07/24/10 Dispatches from Greenland (Dartmouth Now)
07/16/10 Why Are Slabs of Arctic Ice Melting So Fast (DOD: Armed with Science)
07/15/10 A Typical Day on the Ice Includes Chris Polashenski (NASA Blogs)
07/13/10 IGERT Lands in Greenland for Polar Studies
07/04/10 IGERT Fellow Scans Arctic Seas for Melt Ponds (Scientific American)
06/23/10 Ice Stations, Everyone (Climate Central)
06/10/10 IGERT Faculty Indiana Jones in Greenland(Dartmouth Now)
06/08/10 NASA Plans to Boldly go to the Arctic(Christian Science Monitor)
03/10/10 Dartmouth grad students in Greenland, on the front lines of climate change(Dartmouth News)
03/10/10 NASA Plans to Boldly Go to the Arctic(Christian Science Monitor)
03/10/10 On the Front Lines of Climate Change (Dartmouth Now)
03/02/10 Stephanie Pfirman Details Dynamic Ice's Effects (The Dartmouth)
05/14/10 Professor Explains Alaska Climate Shifts (The Dartmouth)
02/17/10 Nobel Nominee Watt-Cloutier Says Climate Change Damages Inuit Society (The Dartmouth)
11/18/09 Lonnie Thompson Explains Why Global Temps Are Rising Rapidly (The Dartmouth)
09/11/09 Educating the Whole Scientist (Polar Field Services Newsletter)
08/23/09 Saving the World's Words (Chicago Tribune)
06/15/09 The Arctic Climate Change and Security Policy Conference: Final Report and Findings (Carnegie Endowment)
04/21/09 Microbes Found Below Glaciers in Antarctica (CNN)
02/22/09 In the Field with an Arctic Pioneer (DUJS)