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Intergroup Dialogue at Dartmouth

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IGD stand for?

IGD is an acronym used to refer to the nationally recognized educational program known as Intergroup Dialogue.

What is Intergroup Dialogue?

Intergroup dialogue is best characterized by participants' willingness to listen for understanding. This differs from discussion in which participants often engage in serial monologues and also differs from debate during which participants typically listen to gain advantage or to win. Intergroup dialogue is a structured and sustained experience that engages students in authentic conversations about issues of identity, diversity, and inequity. Intergroup dialogue builds students' skill for, and commitment, to social responsibility and action towards the goal of creating a more vibrant and inclusive campus community.

Why should I participate?

Intergroup dialogue is a profound and unique learning experience. Integrating the head and the heart, IGD creates a space for students to learn from and with one another. Not only is IGD tremendously growing with regards to identity exploration and personal development, IGD also provides opportunities for important professional skill development such as conflict management and negotiation, intergroup collaboration, and complex cognitive thinking.

What are the requirements?

Our program is open to all Dartmouth undergraduate students. There are no prerequisites for participating in IGD, we only ask that you come with an open mind. Additionally, each session of the dialogue builds upon what the group has accomplished together in weeks prior. Therefore, attendance is crucial to the group's overall learning and growth and so we ask that enrolled students take their attendance at all seven sessions with seriousness and respect.

How do I sign up to participate in IGD?

Participant interest forms are accepted on a rolling basis. Preferred term deadlines will be posted on our Get Involved page.

How many students are in each dialogue?

IGD enrollment may vary; however, there are usually 10-15 students in each dialogue.

How long is each dialogue?

To adapt to Dartmouth’s quarter system, all dialogue sections follow a seven week curriculum meeting for once for two hours each of the seven weeks.

Can I participate in IGD more than once?

Yes! In fact we encourage students to re-enroll in IGD. Given the time-intensive nature of the program, it may not be advisable to dually enroll in multiple dialogue sections within the same academic term. However, after you have completed an IGD experience, whether you'd like to delve deeper into that one aspect of identity or begin exploring a new topic, we encourage you be a repeat dialoguer!

Are there other schools that offer IGD?

Yes. IGD is a national framework and as such, there are a number of colleges and universities from across the country that offer similar curricular and co-curricular programs. Some national best practices include: the University of Michigan, Georgetown University, and Skidmore College.

How do I become an IGD facilitator?

Email to express your interest. We will send you an application and invite you to our next training if you are selected as a co-facilitator.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

If you have ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or questions about IGD at Dartmouth, please email us at

Last Updated: 1/24/15