Psi Upsilon

If one had to sum up Psi U in one word, it would be oldness. Not only are we the oldest house on campus, but we also have an old dog, well, not that old, but pretty old, and many other old things, such as books, artifacts, documents, etc. One person once said that they found a fossil near our house that was over 1.5 million years old! That person may have been lying, or the fossil may have been placed there unnaturally, but either way the point is clear.

Other than oldness, there are many other mysteries bounding through the chapter's halls. Why does Argus hate things with wheels? Why does Winterbottom break all our stuff when he comes back? What kind of hair care products do i-bankers prefer?

Despite our respect for oldness, when deciding whether to rush Psi U you need not make the decision between oldness and newness. Rather, it is this inescapable dichotomy that gives us our strength. Our frategy is clear: Grow old as slowly as possible, but appreciate the oldness as you slowly succumb to it. Cheers.

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