Gamma Delta Chi

Located next door to Tri-Kap and across the street from Berry, Gamma Delta Chi is a mix of down-home country beats and hip-hop flow. The house itself is four stories high with a lot of living space, a huge basement, a cool lawn, and a gargantuan living room for parties. The privately owned building is hands down the best physical plant on campus. The best part of all is the indoor basketball court, a place where you can work on your game any time of the day without worrying about whether or not the step aerobics people are madly stepping away in the gym. Our brotherhood is close-knit and well represents the diversity of our campus. Most of the brothers play a sport here, from football to rugby to track. We’re a laid back group looking for new brothers who want to be part of a fraternity where they can immediately play a big role in the house. The Brothers of Gamma Delta Chi are looking for new faces with new interests and new ideas. With a rich house history dating back to 1907, when you join this house, you are not only becoming a brother, but part of a legacy. If you and a group of your friends are looking for a place you can rush together, this is the place. Even if Gamma Delta Chi wasn’t on your list of houses to rush this fall, stop by and check us out. We’ll be happy to meet you and hopefully convince you that Gamma Delt is the house for you.

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