Alpha Chi Alpha

13 Webster Ave.

Alpha Chi Alpha has undergone many transformations since its founding in 1917 as Epsilon Kappa Alpha – the most recent being the result of the mysterious Great Fire of 1997.

But some things never change. New members proudly wear “Big Johnson” and “Coed-naked” t-shirts left over from the 90’s, while seasoned Alpha Chi’s don clothing ranging from the rage glove to the ever popular rage sombrero. The game which ex-President James O. Freedman called “The Slam” is the basement staple. In fact, the big man himself was often seen playing Cano with Ingemar, telling tawdry Greek myths into the wee hours.

Rumor has it these boys love to rage too. With free-flowin’ hedonistic soirees such as the ORIGINAL Beach Party, annual Pigstick, and Christmas in July. Not only does Alpha Chi provide an atmosphere of debauchery and licentiousness, we also encourage one another academically through the Jared Deyoung study break and MNRC at the library.

Alpha Chi Alpha has continually stressed a strong brotherhood. Pledge classes remain close as evident by our strong alumni presence. Alpha Chi is and always has been about tradition and brotherhood, both of which are sure to remain at the Magic Cottage for many years to come.

Fidelis et Suavis.

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