Alpha Delta

The Myth:
Alpha Delta is not a house at all. It is a houseboat. Long before the days of Eleazar Wheelock, Hanover lay at the bottom of the ocean, an ocean of foamy beer. The other fraternities were just learning how to coagulate with phytoplankton. Meanwhile, the precocious brothers of AD had already mastered the fine art of yachting, and were in the process of inventing the sextant with some Caribbean mermaids who'd come along for the ride.

For centuries the Adelphian, as the schooner was called, enjoyed smooth sailing and free cable, until one day a bit of ocean floor algae that had evolved into a college dean pulled the plug, so to speak. The ocean drained into the Connecticut, and the Adelphian plummeted to its current site, only the quarterdeck remaining above ground. Alpha Delta may not look much like a boat anymore, but it's still been known to rock every so often.

The Reality:

Alpha Delta Fraternity was established at Dartmouth College in 1846, making it the 3rd oldest fraternity on campus. It was originally a chapter of Alpha Delta Phi International, but in 1969, under the leadership of Douglas (No Phi) Reynolds ’69, AD broke from the International. We take great pride in the fact that since its founding in 1846, Alpha Delta has never had a discrimination clause in its charter or constitution. Alpha Delts also take great pride in the contributions of our brothers to Dartmouth College and the nation. Among the prominent alumni of Alpha Delta are: Chief Justice of the United States Salmon P. Chase (Class of 1826), Pulitzer Prize winning poet Richard Eberhart (Class of 1926), Former CEO of NBC Television Grant Tinker (Class of 1947), Former Publisher of Time Magazine Richard Thomas (Class of 1953), Dean of the Faculty at Dartmouth Michael Gazzaniga (Class of 1961), author of Animal House Chris Miller (Class of 1963), President of Saachi & Saachi U.S.A. Michael Keeshan (Class of 1973), Former CEO of the United States Olympic Committee Scott Blackmun (Class of 1979), Senior Writer for ESPNMagazine Ric Bucher (Class of 1983).

Our current membership is involved in a wide variety of activities, ranging from athletics and student government to dramatics and the Tucker Foundation. We value the principles of leadership, scholarship, service and philanthropy, diversity, accountability, and brotherhood – and are looking for new members who hold those same values. These are the principles around which the fraternity is organized. We take these principles seriously, and expect all new members of Alpha Delta to embrace them, to add value to the fraternity experience, and to contribute towards making the Dartmouth community a better place for all people.

Alpha Delta may not look much like a boat anymore, but it’s still been known to rock every so often.

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