IFC Rush Rules and Regulations


Section A—Pre-Rush

The IFC shall organize the following programs before the onset of Rush:

1.     an information session to be held one non-summer terms prior to Rush to acquaint potential members of the IFC member organizations with the Rush process, and to encourage participation in the Fraternity system;

2.     a non-alcoholic barbeque or dinner at each fraternity house one non-summer term before Rush; and

3.     a meeting at the beginning of the Rush term, with the Rush Chairmen of all member fraternities, to discuss the policies of Fraternity Rush outlined in Article II of the Bylaws of the IFC Constitution.


Section B—Timing of Rush

The Rush period shall:

1.     occur during the second week of the Rush term

2.     last for two consecutive nights;

3.     include an optional third night for “callbacks” of potential new members who were not yet offered bids;

4.     last for two hours each night, from 7-9 p.m.;

5.     be a strictly non-alcoholic event; and

6.     not fall on a religious or secular holiday.


Section C—Rush Policy

During the formal Rush process:

1.     potential members of the Fraternity System may visit multiple IFC member organizations on any night of Rush, and are encouraged to visit a minimum of four fraternity houses;

2.     a potential member may “shake-out” at the house of his top choice at the conclusion of the formal Rush period;

3.     bids may be distributed any time after the initiation of formal Rush;

4.     a potential member may receive bids from multiple houses, but may only “sink” his bid at one house, indicating his intention to become a member of that fraternity;

5.     all houses must compile a list of the names of all men who attended their Rush event, the names of potential members who were offered bids, the names of potential members who accepted, or “sunk”, their bids, and the names of potential members who were declined bids; these lists must be submitted by 1pm to the IFC Recruitment chair on day following the third and final night of open Rush; and

6.     the individual fraternities may decide how long after the final day of Rush one has to accept his bid for that term.


Section D—Dress and Conduct

1. Both  brothers and potential new members must wear appropriate formal attire.

2. Although coat and tie is encouraged, no prejudices will exist towards those potential new members not wearing coat and tie.

3. Each potential new member is required to conduct himself in an appropriate manner befitting the formal ceremonies of rush.

4. Intoxication of any kind will not be tolerated.


Section E—Post-Rush

The IFC Vice-President of Recruitment shall coordinate the following post-Rush activity:

1.     a meeting with all member fraternities once during the week following Rush to collect Rush data and discuss new member programs.

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