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Training and Educational Programs

IDE regularly offers the programs listed below. In addition, we often bring other programs and training opportunities to campus. For example, IDE sponsors annual campus residencies focused on navigating difficult workplace dynamics by the Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble.

Departments and groups are invited to request any of our workshops or programs for your staff, work group or members, and we will schedule and customize them to fit your needs. Additionally, we welcome requests for custom-designed programs.

Diversity Reading and Film Groups

These discussion groups bring together people from across the College to expand participants' awareness and appreciation of diversity issues; promote open and extended discussion of diversity issues; and enhance the feeling of community at Dartmouth.

Video and Film Dialogues

We encourage you to borrow a variety of diversity related films from our small and growing collection. We can provide discussion questions and activities to enhance your learning and/or meet for a one-hour consultation with anyone interested in using a film as part of an office or group activity.

A complete list of films available for lending can be found by visiting our Film Library.

We are building our video collection - if you have something to recommend, please let us know!

Last Updated: 10/20/10