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Erich Osterberg, Gabe Lewis, and Thomas Overly are off to Greenland to begin the first year of the GreenTRaCs traverse! See updates on Gabe's blog!

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Last updated 06.13.2016

Bob Hawley

    Glaciology & Remote Sensing
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Bob Hawley started working as a glaciologist in 1995, as an undergraduate at the University of Washington, through the National Science Foundation 'Research Experience for Undergraduates' (REU) Program. Following the completion of his BS degree he continued in glaciological research by participating in the inaugural winter-over at Summit camp, Greenland, during the 1997-1998 boreal winter. He earned a Ph. D. in geophysics from the University of Washington in 2005. His research interests include: the physics of firn densification, mass balance of large ice sheets, interpretation of ice core records, and remote sensing. He has worked primarily in East and West Antarctica and Greenland.

Office: 122 Fairchild
Phone: 603-646-1425
E-mail: robert.hawley(at)
Field Blog: Bob's Adventures in Cold Climes