The Car - El-Myra

The car has the following key specifications:

Design:Series hybrid system
Frame:Myra (heavily modified), 2003 DFR car
Electric motor:Netgain 9" Warp (DC, series wound)
Motor controller:Café Electric Zilla 1K, 1000 A @ 348 V
Gas engine:Kawasaki Ninja, 250cc, 28 HP
Generator:Two B&S Etek (permanent magnet motors)
Energy storage:Ninety-eight 2600 F Ultracapacitors
DCDC onverter:Custom designed, 25kW
Engine throttle control:Custom designed, microprocessor based
Weight:460 kg (1015 lbs)

Thank you

The team would like to thank:
David Goodman
Warren Loomis
Michael McCord
Randy Lunn
Tyco Electronics
Electronic Concepts
picture of El-Myra


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