*** NEWS! ***

Dartmouth College will host the first ever
Formula Hybrid competition in May, 2006.

Details can be found at http:www.formula-hybrid.org

The Dartmouth College Hybrid Racecar Project

This project was originally conceived as a novel approach to the Society of Automotive Engineers Formula SAE
Engineering Design competition. However the SAE changed the rules of the competition before we had a chance
to enter the car.

The updated rules specifically prohibited hybrid power trains with "on-board energy storage", closing the loophole we
were hoping to exploit.

We decided to pursue the concept anyway, and are now in the third year of development.


Year 1

The first year of the project consisted of doing a mathematical model of the concept and then constructing a stationary
(scaled down) test bench using off-the-shelf components and a dynamometer.

Final report: Hybrid FSAE Car - Curt Monaco and R. John Ring, March 9, 2004.

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Year 2

During the second year, an early Formula SAE car (donated by the Dartmouth Formula Race Team) was converted
to hybrid drive. No attempt was made to optimize any of the systems; only on-hand and/or off-the-shelf components
were utilized.

Final report: Hybrid Race Car - Phase 2 - (Phase 2 appendices) Kip Benson, Sarah Hatridge and Philip Taber,
March 14, 2005

IEEE Paper: The Hybridization of a Formula Race Car - Keith W. Benson, Douglas A. Fraser, Sarah L. Hatridge,
Curt A. Monaco, Raymond J. Ring, Charles R. Sullivan, Philip C. Taber

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Year 3

The plans for the coming year are to begin the optimization process.

There are many areas that can be improved, such as:

These are but a few of the possibilities. The hybrid system is ripe for innovation, and it will be exciting to
see what the student teams develop.


Our thanks go to Warren Loomis (D'62, Th'65) of ForwardFace! LLC for his generous
support of this project.