Fig. 47-4. Muscles of facial expression. A, Anterior aspect, showing the muscles around the openings of the orbit and nose. B, Muscles of the mouth. The course of the fibers that constitute the orbicularis oris is shown schematically on the right half of the face. C, Lateral aspect, showing the muscles of the scalp and auricle. The orbicularis oculi and orbicularis oris are shown also. In A, B, and C the unbroken leaders indicate the bony attachments of the muscles. D, Left-sided facial paralysis caused by a lesion of the facial nerve at its exi~ from the skull. The patient has been asked to "shut his eyes" tightly and to open his mouth. Note the deviation of the lips, characteristic triangular shape of the mouth, and failure to close the affected eye. (From a photograph by Pitres and Testut.) Click for high resolution image.

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