Fig. 46-9. Right fundus oculi in vivo. The optic disc is on the right side of each photograph (Le., medially). A, the normal appearance. The whitish component of the optic disc is produced by the lamina cribrosa. The lateral border of the disc is sharper than the medial. The retinal vessels radiate from the disc. The arteries may show a light streak along their middle; the veins are darker and wider. The central vein is lateral to the central artery at the disc. The macula, situated lateral (on the left side of the photograph) to the optic disc, appears as a dark oval area that contains the fovea and foveola. B, "cupping"of the optic disc found in glaucoma. C. the "choked disc" of papilledema. This edema at the disc is a hydrostatic phenomenon that can result from any rise in intracranial pressure. Click for high resolution image.

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