Fig. 23-7. A, Diagram of the cardiac valves and their cusps in situ, as seen from above. The coronary arteries are also shown. A, anterior cusp; AI. V., anterior interventricular branch; A V., branch to atrioventricular node; CB., circumflex branch; L., left cusp; L.C, left coronary artery; P., posterior cusp; P.I. V., posterior interventricular branch; R., right cusp; R.C, right coronary artery; S., septal cusp; S.-A, branch to sinu-atrial node. Cf. fig. 23 -9. B, Cardiac skeleton seen from above. The arrangement of the anuli and trigona shown is based on J. Zimmerman, J. Alb. Einstein Med. Cent., 7:77,1959. CA, roof of conus arteriosus (or infundibulum). Click for high resolution image.

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