Figure 22-3. Diagrams of pleural reflections. A, Coronal section of the right lung and pleura. Lines B to E indicate the respective planes and levels of sections shown in diagrams B to E. B, Upper horizontal section. Note the costomediastinal and retro-esophageal recesses. C, Middle horizontal section. Note that the anterior border of the pleura forms the edge of the costomediastinal recess and that the oblique fissure reaches almost to the hilus. D, Lower horizontal section, showing also relationships to the pericardium. Note that the pulmonary ligament is formed by the double reflection of the pleura below the hilus of the lung. The mediastinal pleura is adherent to the fibrous pericardium, except where the phrenic nerve descends between them (not shown). E, Sagittal section. Click for high resolution image.

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