Fig. 12-15 Muscular and ligamentous attachments to the superior and inferior ends of the right femur. Anterior, The fascia that encloses the tensor fasciae latae meets at the anterior edge of that muscle, turns around the anterior edge of the gluteus minimus, and fuses with the fascia of the rectus femoris muscle and with the iliofemoral ligament at the ilium and with the tendon of the gluteus minimus below at the greater trochanter. This fascial strip constitutes the iliotrochanteric band. Medial, The attachment of the iliofemoral ligament turns superiorward at the superior aspect of the lesser trochanter and constitutes the femoral attachment of the pubofemoral ligament. Posterior, See also fig. 12-14 for details. Lateral, The gluteus medius muscle is inserted along an oblique line on the lateral aspect of the greater trochanter, contiguous on the anteroinferior aspect with the gluteus minimus (a bursa intervenes) and posterosuperiorly with the piriformis. Click for high resolution image.

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