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Performance Plan and Accountability Review Vocabulary

Performance Management Process

The process in which employees and managers or supervisor achieve organizational results and develop leadership competencies by:
* Identifying, discussing, and documenting a Performance Development Plan and Accountability Review (PDP);
* Giving and receiving performance feedback; and
* Evaluating and determining a rating for the employee’s overall performance.

Performance Development Plan and Accountability Review (PDP)

The document, used throughout the entire reporting period/fiscal year, which details the employee’s:
* Accountabilities, objectives and targets; and
* Leadership and Technical Competency Development Plan.

Mid-year Check-in Review

A meeting that provides the employee and manager or supervisor a formal opportunity to review:
* Progress toward performance targets; and
* Competency Development Plan targets.

Year-end Performance Review

The annual evaluation in which the employee and manager or supervisor:
* Discuss the performance results;
* Discuss competency development results;
* Determine individual ratings for each Accountability; and
* Determine an Overall Performance Rating for the year.

Day-to-Day Accountability What the position is expected to deliver on a daily basis. The key products or services that a job is accountable for delivering, supported by key actions.
Performance Objective A specific goal or project that is in addition to, but supports, the job accountabilities. It is completed within the PDP period and contributes to institution, division, department and/or team success.

How the results are attained. The knowledge, skill, and behaviors which:
* Contribute to organizational success;
* Distinguish high performance;
* Are observable and measurable; and
* Can be developed.

Leadership Competency Knowledge and skills that are expected of all employees.

Last Updated: 4/15/10