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Administrative Professionals Program at Dartmouth FAQs

What is Administrative Professionals Day?

Administrative Professionals Day is an annual event that takes place in April and recognizes administrative professionals around the world. Each year, Dartmouth's Office of Human Resources sponsors an institution-wide celebration acknowledging the contributions administrative professionals make to the success of the institution.


Why do we adopt the international theme?

Each year, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) selects a theme for Administrative Professionals Week in April. IAAP's mission is "to enhance the success of career-minded administrative professionals by providing opportunities for growth through education, community building and leadership development." Dartmouth adopts IAAP's annual theme for the Administrative Professionals Program, which begins on Administrative Professionals Day and continues throughout the rest of the week providing administrative professionals with exciting professional and personal development opportunities.


Where can I find professional and personal development opportunities for administrative professionals?

For more information regarding on-going professional and personal development opportunities, please visit: and keep an eye out for news on the next Administrative Professionals Program, which provides administrative professionals with a wide range of professional and personal development opportunities each April.


Who plans the events and development opportunities for administrative professionals and support staff?

The members of the Administrative Professionals Planning Committee (APPC) research, develop, and plan all of the activities and opportunities for the Administrative Professionals Program. Administrative professionals are nominated by their division’s leadership to serve on the APPC for at least one year. If you are interested in joining the APPC, please talk with your supervisor or send an email to Human Resources.


Last Updated: 3/13/14