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Economic and Social Support Services for Dartmouth Employees and the Community

On Campus:

Heating and Fuel Assistance:



  • Consumer Credit Counseling Service (NH and VT) 1-800-327-6778
  • LISTEN (variety of services ranging from housing & utility, to food and budget counseling) 1-603-448-4553
  • Bonnie CLAC (Cars, Loans and Counseling) 1-866-455-2522
  • Local banks and credit unions can either provide or recommend financial/counseling services (some depend on whether or not you are a customer)


  • ServiceLink Resource Center of Grafton County (information and supportive referrals about resources for older adults, adults living with disabilities, chronic illness, and their families and caregivers) or 1-603-448-1835 or 1-866-634-9412
  • Health Insurance Counseling, Education and Assistance Services (HICEAS), NH Help Line (assists Medicare beneficiaries and their families in understanding the complexities of their insurance, and coverage options), e-mail:, or 1-800-852-3388
  • The Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont, Inc. (free confidential health insurance counseling to MEDICARE beneficiaries), e-mail:, or 1-800-642-5119
  • Vermont Office of Health Care Ombudsman (referrals, counseling and education about health insurance including Medicare and employer-sponsored health plans for Vermont residents only) 1-800-917-7787
  • Green Mountain Care (low-cost and free health coverage programs for uninsured Vermonters); to find out if you are eligible: or call 1-800-250-8427

State and Local Health and Services Agencies


Last Updated: 2/8/16