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After the Reduction in Force: How to Re-energize Your Team

This offering will take managers through a five-step process, providing detailed worksheets/activities for each step. The five steps that managers will be guided through are:

1. Personally prepare.
o Understand your own reactions to the change.
o Clarify the commitments you can make to the team (and what is outside of your control).
o Develop a positive vision for the future. What can the team/environment become?
o Prepare to answer employees' questions about the change.

2. Gather information from your team members.
o Conduct one-on-one meetings with members of your team.
o Summarize your findings (e.g., common questions, key concerns, ideas)

3. Re-connect with key members of your team (begins simultaneously with step 2).
o Target key individuals.
o Identify their needs, expectations, etc.
o Develop individualized plans to "re-connect" with them

4. Conduct team meeting(s).
o Assemble the team and share what you know about the change and what you learned from talking with them.
o Facilitate team discussion(s).
o Commit to actions/seek commitment from the team.
o Agree to a regular communication/meeting schedule.

5. Assess progress, communicate, and make adjustments.
o Examine the progress of the team and individuals.
o Communicate regularly.
o Make adjustments as necessary.



Last Updated: 5/13/09