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Manager's Toolkit

Manager's Toolkit
The Manager’s Toolkit is intended to be a ready resource for the manager in the field.  The Toolkit provides guidance and checklists to assist you in the daily tasks that support employees through their employment life-cycle at Dartmouth College. In addition, you will find documents and links to foundational policies, practices and considerations to which we adhere. If you have a question or concern about using any of the tools contained in the Manager's Toolkit, your first contact should be with your assigned HR Consultant; for other employment-related issues, the Ombuds Office, the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity and the Faculty/Employee Assistance Program are additional resources available to you and your staff.

Your HR Consultant

Information about the role of the HR Consultant as well as the times when you should contact your assigned Consultant.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Your New Employee

Links, resources, and checklists related to the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of your new employees, including sample candidate packets, sample departmental onboarding packets, and sample welcome letters.

When an Employee Leaves

Materials related to Exit Interviews, Exit Questionnaires, Internal Transfers, and End-of-Employment.

People Management

Resources to assist you in the Performance Management process as well as in referring your employees to the Faculty/Employee Assistance Program Office (F/EAP.)

Rewards and Recognition

This section contains links and resources to the kinds of rewards and recognition programs that will assist in motivating your employees, including formal individual service awards at the College level as well as ideas for recognition at the departmental/supervisory level.

Systems and Administrative Resources

Links and resources to College-level support systems, to include Payroll/EIS, the Office of Comprehensive Risk ManagementOASIS Financial, Blitzmail, Voicemail/Telephone, Forms.

Policies and Legal Considerations

Links and resources to documents and policies that are the basic underpinnings of how and why we operate as we do in the greater interests of  Dartmouth College, including its core values, HR policy and best practice, and specific legal implications and applications.

Managerial Competency Resources

Links and resources to HR offerings for managerial development.

Organizational Effectiveness Resources

Tools for working with teams to re-energize, retain key members, and succeed in the new environment.

Emergency Planning

Resources and links to assist you in preparing your employees and your department's operational capabilities for possible College emergencies.


Last Updated: 9/25/09