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Retiree Health Premium Subsidy Calculator

Please input your date of birth (use four digits for the year).

Year: - Month:

If your employment at Dartmouth has been continuous, enter the year (four digits) and month when you began working at Dartmouth in a benefits-eligible position.

Year: - Month:

If your employment at Dartmouth has NOT been continuous, enter the total number of years and months you have worked at Dartmouth in a benefits-eligible position(s), up to now.

Years: - Months:

Enter your current annual Dartmouth base salary in dollars (example: for $35,000, enter 35000). If your salary is greater than $60,000, please enter 60000.


Note: If you need to re-enter your information, do not use the "back" button. Click here. This will return to the Retirement home page, where you can re-click on the "Retiree Health Premium Subsidy Calculator" link and begin again.

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Last Updated: 10/15/08