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FlexOnline is Dartmouth's benefits enrollment system.
You may log on at any time to view your current elections, update your beneficiaries, or change your retirement contributions. 

ACTIVE EMPLOYEES:    Flex Online Logo

Click here to access the system.

•  Carefully review all benefits plan options and costs before making any elections.
•  Use FlexOnline to review and complete your benefits elections.
•  Click "Finish."
•  For a paper record of your elections, click "I want a confirmation statement" and then click "OK."
•  Reminder: Disable your pop-up blocker in order for the printable confirmation statement to appear.

RETIREES:    Flex Online Logo

Click here to access the system. 

•  Your Log ID: < A formula that is made up of your personal information. See example below*
•  Your PIN: if you have forgotten your PIN, there is a link to assist you, click "Forgot your PIN?"

*Example: John Smith, born September 13, 1979, would have the following Log ID: 09SHJ7913A

To figure out your Log ID, write down your information in the blank spaces provided below:

09 S H J 79 13 "A"
Month of Birth First Letter of Last Name Last Letter of Last Name First Letter of First Name Year of Birth Day of Birth "A"

In order to make changes to some of your benefits mid-year you must have a Qualifying Event. Click here for the application for a change to health benefits form.

Reminder: Please register or update your DartAlert contact information at

Last Updated: 10/7/14