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ArtWorks FAQ's


Do I need to stay with my work for the entire event?
No. Artists are not required to be present after they have set up their exhibits.

How much space will I have?
ArtWorks will make every effort to accommodate artists' space requirements, depending on room limitations. Two-dimensional works must be no larger than 48"x48".

How will my works be displayed?
Depending on size, framed or matted works will be hung on stage flats or displayed on easels. Jewelry, ceramics, text, printmaking, sculpture, and other non-framed works will be displayed on tables.

Does my work need to be "hanging ready" (e.g., framed, wired, or matted)?
Yes. Depending on the condition of the work, ArtWorks cannot guarantee that pieces without frames, wires, or matters will be exhibited.

How many pieces may I exhibit?
Each artists will be allotted a maximum of three works.

How will my work be protected from touching, damage, or theft?
Members of the ArtWorks Committee, as well as volunteers, will be on the premises throughout the day. However, as specified in the guidelines, Dartmouth College maintains no insurance with respect to the works and is not responsible for any damage or theft.

Can I sell my work at the festival?
No. Works are for exhibit only. Each piece will be labeled with the artist's name, job title, department, and e-mail address.

Are there any restrictions on the content or size?
ArtWorks reserves the right to reject or remove obscene, unlawful, or otherwise inappropriate material from exhibition at any time in its sole discretion. Based on space limitations, ArtWorks may decide that works are too large to exhibit.

I'm a filmmaker. Can I show films or videos?
Yes, by they must be in DVD format. A laptop, projector, and screen will be provided. Please limit all films or videos to a ~5 minute excerpt.

I exhibited at a previous ArtWorks festival. Can I show the same works?
Returning artists are asked to exhibit different pieces.

I'm a musician. What equipment do I need to bring?
A soundperson with a professional p.a. system, including microphones, will be provided. An acoustic piano will be available—other than that, musicians will need to bring their own instruments.

How long can I perform?
Live performances (e.g., music, DVD, dance, spoken word) can run up to 15 minutes.

Can I decorate my exhibition space (e.g., with confetti or special fabrics/backings)?
For a consistent look, ArtWorks will provide basic decorations for the event.

Will there be prizes?
ArtWorks is not a juried event, so prizes will not be awarded to artists or their works.

How will the artists be recognizes? Will there be a place for artist bios?
A pre-event reception for artists and their guests will be held. An ArtWorks brochure will list each artist with their job title, department, and artistic medium. Additionally, there will be coverage on the Web and in print.

Are there any podiums available for display?
A limited number of podiums will be available for three-dimensional works.

When and how do I drop off my work?
Artists (including performers) will be contacted in advance and assigned specific times to set up their exhibits or equipment. Because of tight schedules these times must be kept or we may not be able to display your work.

When can I pick up my work?
Artists will be contacted in advance and assigned specific times to take down their exhibits or equipment.

Last Updated: 4/13/16