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Connecting the Dots:
An Evening of Students Expressing Class Divide Through the Arts: March 5, 2009

Produced by Hopkins Center Winter 09 Class Divide Intern Roni Nitecki.

Photos by Kawakahi Amina '09

Students view Theresa Lattanzio '09's photographs Fusion Dance Troupe performed three original work expressing socio-econic class, including one set to "Poor Boy" by Regina Spektor Members of the Displaced Theater Company perform a scene from "Oleana" by David Mamet The Displaced Theater Company
The Rockapellas sing a work by Sweet Honey in the Rock Members of the Native Americans Womens Dance Group Members of Souscribes perform a poem by Maya Angelou

Alex Lloyd '10 performs original songs

Ryan Dieringer '09 sings original songs

Soulscribe Joan Leslie '12 performs an original poem

Sarah Harris '11, a member of Soulscribes, reads original poetry

Kaitlyn Sheehan '09 sings a song by Aretha Franklin

A Soulscribes member delivers poetry