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Sir James Galway Student Tea: March 4, 2008

In advance of his sold-out concert in Spaulding Auditorium, legendary flutist Sir James Galway discussed his life and musical career over tea and pastries with invited Dartmouth students. There were many flutists in attendance who wanted to know his "secret." According to the master, the secret is practice. "I approach my work in an investigative way, not in a routine way where I become a parrot," he said. "There's a major difference between practicing and playing music." He remarked further that "the goal is not to play scales quickly or better than the next guy. Look at it this way, just because someone can type fast, it doesn't mean they can write anything interesting." The hour-long discussion became a lesson in the history of the modern flute and was peppered with humorous anecdotes. At one point, Galway was interrupted by his ringing cell phone. Without missing a beat, he answered and politely asked to return the call since he was "in class, talking rubbish right now." A charmer to the end, Galway stayed behind for photographs with many eager students.

Photos by Tilman Dette '10