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Class of '11 Night at the Hop: September 20, 2007

As part of Dartmouth's First-Year Orientation Program, students experienced "Class of '11 Night at the Hop," an informative evening of fun and entertainment. The marching band opened the show in Spaulding Auditorium with a rousing tune, then Hop director Jeff James welcomed the new students. Arts ambassador leader Mike Amico '07 gave a spirited call for students to "make the Hop their own," and then the performances began, first with the World Music Percussion Ensemble, then the Barbary Coast Jazz Ensemble, followed by a duet by two members of the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble. The Film Department showed an unforgettable 9-minute Australian short film "Spider" from the Telluride Film Festival, then the show was capped off by an energetic number by the Dartmouth Gospel Choir. Following the extravaganza, students received their free "Live at the Hop" t-shirt then attended a bustling informational marketplace where they learned about Hop ensembles, workshops, film series, and more!

Photos by Kawakahi Amina