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William Yang & Colin Offord: January 13, 2008

As part of a week-long residency in support of his documentary theater piece "Shadows," Chinese-Australian photographer William Yang shared insights about his creative process and the communities which inspired his work. Yang spoke about his own family's struggles with identity and the dispossession experienced by Aboriginals in the Outback and German immigrants interned during both World Wars.

Over the course of the week, Yang's activities included discussions with photography students and Studio Art majors about careers in the arts; conversations with Native American students; and a talk focused on his experience with Sydney's gay community. Yang was joined by multi-instrumentalist Colin Offord, whose live score beautifully accents "Shadows." Offord presented an in-school performance and offered a workshop on creating music with found objects. In addition, Offord was a guest lecturer in Global Sounds, a Dartmouth ethnomusicology course. Finally, Offord's soothing melodies were featured as part of the HopStop Family Series.

Photos by Susie Nicholson-Dykstra and William Yang