June 19 to October 17Harrington Gallery

This exhibition features selected apparatus from Dartmouth's Allen King Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments and illustrates how, over the past two centuries, light has played a central role in scientific practice. One of the largest such collections at any North American college or university, the King Collection includes more than three thousand items, ranging from a sundial and telescope acquired in the 1770s through the balances and galvanometers of the nineteenth century to lasers used in the 1980s.

Illuminating Instruments is curated by Rich Kremer, associate professor of history, Kristen Frederick-Frost, a graduate student in physics, and Frank Manasek, research scholar in physics. The exhibition coincides with the international conference "Scientific Instrument Collections in the University."

A related exhibition will illustrate the acquisition of printed scientific works during Dartmouth's first century in existence. Science in Dartmouth's Libraries, 1769-1869, prepared by Dr. Kremer's presidential scholar, Emily Liu 05, and Dennis Grady, graphic arts specialist at Baker-Berry User Services, is shown in the corridor of Baker Library this summer.