Dartmouth Launches Second Phase of Major Website Redesign

Today, Friday, May 31, Dartmouth launched the second phase of a major upgrade of its public web presence, which was last redesigned in 2006. The first phase of the project went live in November 2012 and included a new visual design for the top level of the website.

The Phase 2 launch includes:

All of the new designs work seamlessly across mobile, laptop, and desktop devices (responsive design) and are accessible to users with disabilities.

The redesign has been undertaken at the direction of Dartmouth’s senior leaders, who have provided strategic guidance throughout. The project began in May 2012 with a research and discovery effort that included extensive outreach to students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and other users of the site.

Primary objectives include:

  • Refocusing the top level of the website to better serve prospective students, faculty, and staff
  • Providing a consistent, intuitive interface and clear paths for all users
  • Communicating Dartmouth’s global relevance and stature as a leading academic institution

Looking ahead, the project’s third phase is focused on the migration of department, program, and center websites into the new design and publishing system. The entire Dartmouth.edu landscape includes thousands of microsites and more than 100,000 pages.

Dartmouth’s Web Services group is supporting the transition. The process began during spring term with the creation of a migration strategy and outreach to the owners of Web Services client websites. Arts & Sciences faculty will also receive support and training on how to edit their profile pages in the updated directory.

Consistent with established practice, individual departments may choose to receive design and technology support from Web Services or resource their web needs independently.

The project’s third phase will also include further development of design for the top-level site, centers, and administrative departments, as well as the deployment of the full web version of the new campus map (currently available on Dartmouth’s mobile app).

In keeping with the dynamic nature of digital technologies and communications, the new website will be refined and improved on an ongoing basis. The redesign team welcomes questions, feedback, and suggestions at home.team@dartmouth.edu.

Looking for something? The new website includes improvements for the Dartmouth community as well, with “My Dartmouth” gateways for studentsfacultystaffalumni, and families. These links are available in the footer of any page that uses the new designs.

Each page includes a list of customizable, audience-specific links to help you quickly navigate to the resources you need the most. To set your own preferences, click on “Customize My Links” and make your selections.

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