Migration Strategy Update

Underway: Academic departments

In March, the Web Services migration team contacted A&S academic departments and programs to schedule the move of their websites into the new design and new content management system, Drupal.  We will be working with them throughout the summer and into the fall with the goal of completing all 40 academic department sites by the end of 2013.

Upcoming: Centers

By mid-summer, the full suite of design provided by Digital Pulp will be complete and Web Services will work with centers to begin move their sites. We have already been in touch with many centers, and a migration order has been published. We will contact each site owner about a month in advance of migration to confirm schedule and availability.

New opportunities: Administrative departments

In early March, we learned that OmniUpdate is currently beta testing Version 10 of a ground-up rebuild of their publishing platform. Regardless of work underway to shift our sites into Drupal, all Dartmouth sites will be required to move into the new version of OU before the end of this calendar year.

OmniUpdate will handle the integration of our new designs as well as the migration of existing sites into their upgraded platform. We feel this is a great opportunity to quickly bring all of our administrative sites into new design. A rough outline of the migration order for administrative sites has been published on the Computing Services website.

For our site owners and content developers, the process will be largely automated. For the institution and our audiences, continuity of design will occur more quickly.

We thank all of our site owners and partners for your flexibility as we work through the CMS and website build! Please contact Web Services with any questions about the process!

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