Sprinting Toward Phase 2

Today is the official start of the spring academic term began, and our team is fully immersed in the sprint to launch the second phase of the project before Commencement.

Following the initial launch last November, we set to work on the next group of designs. (Yes, there is more coming!) With a great deal of input, questions, and ideas from faculty and institutional leadership, we developed design templates specific to the needs of academic departments, as well as additional designs for the top-level site.

With those designs complete, the work to turn visual concepts into a functional website is under way. The Web Services group is testing and wading through code to integrate the page layouts into Drupal, the new content management system. In Public Affairs, we’re creating, editing, and curating content to fill those pages. The “early adopter” academic departments (English, Biological Sciences, Institute for Writing and Rhetoric, and Economics) are updating their own materials in preparation for the move.

A large project like this one creates its own energetic draft, enthusiastically finding solutions for adjacent systems. The current faculty directory will also receive a design and technology refresh. While Web Services prepares the early adopter academic department sites for launch, they will also work with individual faculty members to bring their profile pages up to date.

And even now, we’re gearing up the project’s third phase—migrating hundreds of department, program, and center sites into the new design and system. We’ll share more on that soon!

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