This is a big project with a lot of big questions, but there’s a simple one that everyone asks first: When will it happen? If you’ve been holding your breath waiting to find out, you can exhale! The project timeline is below.

Our timeline reflects a “progressive improvement” approach to the project. Here’s why.

Modern .edu websites are so big and complex that the typical redesign requires two (or more) years to launch.

There are reasons for this. Building new technology systems and tools takes time. Supporting hundreds of individual departments, centers, and programs through updating and migrating their own sites takes time. Crafting thousands of pages of good content takes time.

But our current site is sorely outdated. We have a pressing need to meet. Two years, or even one, is too long to wait for tangible improvements.

Our solution is to implement progressive improvements over multiple phases. Some plans will change along the way. We will learn and we will adjust. One constant is that we’ll continue to listen to the community at every step. If you have something to ask or suggest, let us know!

PHASE 1 / FALL 2012: “Curb Appeal”
  • Launch of new visual design, applied to the current top-level Dartmouth.edu website
  • Existing information architecture, content, tools, and systems remain
PHASE 2 / SPRING 2013: “Extreme Makeover”
  • Launch of new top-level website, including information architecture, content, and visual design (carried over from Phase 1)
  • Launch of four Arts & Sciences academic departments in the new design (one from each A&S division)
  • Tools and functionality: new content management system (CMS), responsive design, event calendar, campus map
PHASE 3 / SPRING 2013 and beyond: “Campus Planning”
  • Partner with departments, programs, and centers to begin migrating their sites into the new system and design

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