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Members of the Study Group wishing to contact Professor Emilio Ros-Fábregas concerning the program of the Boston Study Session may reach him in Spain at this new e-mail address: emros@platon.ugr.es .  

Editor's Note:

In this volume a number of new and forthcoming recordings are discussed. Each presents a view of Hispanic music that is novel, and each presents stunning performances which not only enhance the repertory of recorded Hispanic art music, but also provide unique interpretations of many heretofore unrecorded works.
It is also a particular pleasure to have reports from G. Grayson Wagstaff and Craig Russell discussing their collaborations with leading performing ensembles as they worked to prepare two forthcoming recordings. My heartfelt thanks to them for making this advance information available to all of the membership of the Study Group.
It is the goal of this issue to provide both information about recordings and to stimulate interest in this music. With the increasing number of fine recordings becoming available of important Hispanic music from the past, we are now approaching a point where the supply of recorded musical materials begins to meet in part the demand for them both as aids to teaching and as valuable models of what can be performed in a variety of settings including regular concerts, historical reconstructions and liturgical performances.
These recent recording initiatives also reflect the results of significant research, artistic insight and some considerable daring on the part of producers, artists and scholars. It is our fervent hope that these endeavors will be continued and that these and future recordings will receive wide support from individuals and institutions.
We also have in this issue a group of reviews by our Recording Review Editor, Paul Laird, which further expands and enhances the information about new recordings of Hispanic music. Special thanks to Paul for this contribution.

Recording Reviews and Announcements - Paul Laird, Recording Reviews Editor

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