Volume 2, no. 2: Spring, 1996/ Editor: William Summers / Webmaster: Michael O'Connor

Participants from left to right: G. Grayson Wagstaff, Lester D. Brothers, Malena Kuss, William Summers, 

Robert Stevenson, Paul Laird, Sharon Girard, John Koegel and Walter Clark

A Tribute to
Robert M. Stevenson  


3 NOVEMBER, 1995


William John Summers 
Coordinator, International Hispanic Music Study Group
Dartmouth College

Before introducing Professor Paul Laird, the Chair of our Study Session, please permit me to take the briefest of moments to share the story of my first encounter with our honoree, Professor Robert Stevenson.
The American Musicological Society met 25 years ago this month in Los Angeles, California. I was, as a graduate student, giving my very first AMS paper on the transmission of plainsong to Spanish California. Just as I stood up to the podium, who should I spot sitting in the audience but Professor Stevenson. As you can imagine, my knees went weak and my voice cracked on the second or third word of my paper. I could not imagine that the most distinguished and widely published scholar in our field was about to listen to my paper. 
Needless to say, the memories of the paper, except for the weak knees and the mangled opening sentence, are mostly a blur. What I do remember vividly from this session twenty-five years later is the broad smile, firm hand shake and heartfelt congratulations offered by Professor Stevenson at the end of the session. 
This was just the first in a long series of singular kindnesses that have characterized our exchanges these many years. For these many moments of support and professional courtesy I owe Professor Stevenson a perpetual debt.

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