Volume 2, no.1: Fall, 1995/ Editorial Address: Music Department, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755

New York City Meeting of the International Hispanic Music Study Group in Honor of Professor Robert M. Stevenson
The International Hispanic Music Study Group will meet during the 1995 American Musicological Society National Meeting in New York City at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Friday, November 3, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. Our meeting is in honor of Professor Robert Stevenson, the leading scholar in so many areas related to Hispanic music. Professor Stevenson will be introduced by Professor Lester Brothers (University of North Texas). Professor Stevenson will open the session with the paper, "Sor Juana Ynéz de la Cruz's Musical Rapports," honoring the tercentenary of the famous poet's death. 
We will then acknowledge Stevenson's extensive work in Spanish and Latin-American music and consider areas in which scholars have built upon his legacy. Professor Malena Kuss (University of North Texas) will identify Stevenson's most important contributions in Latin-American music scholarship and assess where his work has been significantly built upon. Professor Walter Clark (University of Kansas) will perform a similar task for the music of Spain. Professor John Koegel (Nebraska Wesleyan University) will summarize Stevenson's work in the area of Mexican and Californian music and briefly survey other areas in that field. 
The session will conclude with a forty-minute discussion between panel and audience on the current state of research in Spanish and Latin-American music. Professor Paul Laird (University of Kansas) will be the Chair of this Study Session.

Music Into The Next Millennium: International Hispanic Music Study Group Study Session, International Musicological Society Congress in London, 1997.
The Study Group seeks proposals for contributions to a two-part Study Session to be proposed to the Program Committee for the Congress of the International Musicological Society to be held in London, 14-20 August, 1997. The morning session will be devoted to secular music, including the dramatic genres. The afternoon session will discuss sacred music. The proposed presentations, which can be no longer than ten minutes in length, should exemplify the theme of the Study Session, with special attention placed upon emerging research paths, be they those having to do with new sources or research techniques, or those employing new or inter-disciplinary methodologies for the study of existing music. Each panel will have six participants and a reporter.
A one-page abstract, detailing the purpose and scope of the proposed presentation, should be sent to the coordinator by 1 January, 1996. The individuals to be identified to the Program Committee of the International Musicological Society will be notified by 1 March, 1996. It is the understanding of the Coordinator that individuals may also propose a free paper to the Program Committee of the IMS, as well as being proposed for membership in a Study Session. The chair for the afternoon session on sacred music will be Professor Maricarmen Gómez. The chair for the morning session on secular music will be Professor Carol Hess. The abstracts will be evaluated by a committee consisting of both Chairs, the coordinator, and Professor Craig Russell.

Report on the Twelfth Aston Magna Academy

Recording Review: Giacomo Facco; Festejo Harmónico - A Seis Vozes

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