Volume 1, no. 2: Winter 1995 / Editorial Address: Music Department, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755

Editors Note:

Four members of the Study Group have contributed substantial offerings to this number of the Newsletter: Professor Craig Russell, Department of Music, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California; Grayson Wagstaff, University of Texas, Austin; Professor Enrique Arias, DePaul University, Chicago; and Dr. John Koegel, Nebraska Weslyan University, Lincoln. My thanks in advance to all for their generous and stimulating contributions.

The fall meeting of the Study Group in New York City is described below. You will also find an important announcement from Dr. Maricarmen Gomez concerning the forthcoming Congress of the International Musicological Society to be held in London, 14-20 August, 1997.

Study Group to Meet at the National Meeting of the American Musicological Society in New York City.

During the American Musicological Society meeting in New York, November 2-5, 1995, the International Hispanic Music Study Group will hold a Study Session in honor of Professor Robert Stevenson.

Presentations by his former students and current colleagues will describe Dr. Stevenson's ground-breaking scholarly work in several areas, and there will also be an opportunity to discuss the current state of research in these areas, and the future of research in Hispanic music. The session will be chaired by Paul R. Laird, University of Kansas.

A Report on the IHMSG: Study Session Minneapolis 1994 - Grayson Wagstaff

A Review of Ex Machina's Production of Torrejón y Velasco's La Púrpura de la Rosa - Craig H. Russell

Reviews of Recent Recordings of Latin American Colonial Music - John Koegel

News from the Group

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