Volume 1, no. 1:  Summer, 1994/Editorial Address: Music Department, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755

International Hispanic Music Group Formed at AMS National Meeting, Montreal, Canada.
Scholars from four continents attended the first Special Session convened at an American Musicological Society National Meeting to examine the challenges Hispanic Music pose for the accepted practice of music scholarship. (See story below.)

Sixty plus individuals have registered for membership in the Study Group to date. Those wishing to participate may write to William Summers, coordinator, at the address given in the masthead for information. Members will receive the Newsletter twice a year and a copy of the membership directory.

A second Study Session will take place during the National Meeting of the American Musicological Society to be held in Minneapolis on October 26-30, 1994 (See below).

Announcements and information of all types concerning Hispanic music scholarship and performance can be forwarded to the coordinator for inclusion in future Newsletters. Deadlines are 1 February and 1 July each year. The Newsletter will also contain reviews of books, editions and recordings of Hispanic music. Those wishing to review for the Newsletter should contact the Coordinator.

AMS 1994 Special Session to be Chaired by Dr. Michael Noone.
Friday, 28 October, 1994, at 8:00 pm, the IHMSG will meet in Minneapolis, to hear papers presented on a variety of topics related to Iberian music. Dr. Michael Noone very kindly spent the spring and summer writing to the members soliciting abstracts and designing the session. On behalf of the entire study group I wish to thank Dr. Noone for his fine efforts.

The speakers in Minneapolis will be: Tess Knighton, Emilio Ros-Fábregas, Kenneth Kreitner, Wolfgang Freis, Eugene Cramer and Elizabeth Seitz. The titles and abstracts of their respective papers are included with this Newsletter. A program for the session will be distributed to all participants at the National Meeting in their registration folders. The session looks most fascinating and promises a number of surprises and also information on new musical sources. I hope all IHMSG members in Minneapolis will join us on Friday evening at eight o'clock.

The Inaugural IHMSG Study Session in Montreal breaks New Ground for the AMS.
Approximately fifty scholars attended the first Study Session of the IHMSG in Montreal. The program, Chaired by Alejandro Planchart, brought together twelve scholars who spoke about a varied and rich group of research frontiers that await musicological exploration. In almost every case, the topics were those that point to the need to expand not only the geographical but also the historiographical boundaries of the field.

Short presentations were given by: Alejandro Planchart, Craig Russell, James Radomski, Paul Laird, Jo-Ann Reif, Alfred Lemmon, Enrique Arias, John Koegel, Walter Clark, Grayson Wagstaff, Mark Brill, William Summers and Carol Hess. Louise Stein was the respondent at large. Scholars at all points in their careers participated in the session and the subjects covered involved musical sources and musical undertakings from the Iberian Peninsula and the Hispanic New World. A variety of methodologies were in evidence and a number of important, ongoing projects were described.

Individuals wishing to have titles and abstracts for the various presentations should write to the Coordinator.

Proposal before the AMS to hold A National Meeting in Mexico.
A proposal to hold a future National Meeting of the American Musicological Society in Mexico was made to the Board of Directors last fall. The Board has taken no formal action on this suggestion, but the President, Ellen Rosand, had made a call for diversity within the Society. It was felt that in light of the implication of this new sensitivity to the international dimensions of the Soceity, that it was time to include Latin America as a point of focus within the pervue of the Society. It should be noted that the AMS has met in Canada in 1985 and again in 1993, the last meeting in the largely French-speaking province of Quebec. Clearly, a meeting in Mexico would recognize the importance Hispanic culture has for the activities of the United States.

Proposed AMS Prize for Scholarship on a Hispanic Topic being considered.
Another issue before the board of the AMS this past fall was the establishment of an annual prize for the best article on a Luso/Hispanic subject published in the previous year. To be funded by a senior member of the Society, the award would substantially improve the visibility of the vast research undertakings of Hispanicists, and echo the other specialized awards and undertakings of the AMS in other regional musics such as COPAM. At press time, no decision has been made concerning the proposed award.

Electronic Mail Network Being Explored for IHMSG
Well over half of the members of the Study Group have electronic mail addresses. The Coordinator is exploring the possibility of establishing an electronic mail network for the Study Group. Individuals knowledgeable about the workings of such a network are encouraged to contact the Coordinator.

Recent Released Sound Recordings of Hispanic Music 
Two fine recordings of music from Mexico have been issued. They will be reviewed in the next issue of the Newsletter. Musica Virrenal Mexicana do los siglos XVI y XVII, recorded by the Conjunto Vocal de Música Antiqua, contains Mexican colonial music from the 16th and 17th centuries. Seven composers are represented, including Juan Arañés, Gaspar Fernández, Jose de Loayas y Agurto, Juan García de Zéspedes, Gerónimo González, Antonio de Salazar and Hernando Francisco. The director of this recording is Magda Zalles. Produced on the Ars Nova A. C. Label, copies can be ordered from Ars Nova, Apartado Postal 234, Cto. Parque 3, Admón. 2, Satélite 53102, Estado México

The second recording a new release from Chanticleer and the Chanticleer Sinfonia on Teldec Das Alte Werke is entitled Mexican Baroque. Music by Ignacio Jerusalem and Manuel de Zumaya. Of special interest in this recording is the performance of a Polychoral Mass in D provisionally identified as Jerusalem's, which survives in manuscript form from Spanish California. Dr. John Koegel rediscovered this and two other concerted Masses in the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Archival Center in 1992. The performing edition for the Jerusalem Mass, as well as all of the works on this recording were prepared by Professor Craig Russell.

Concert Announcements.
Don't miss Ex Machina's performance of La púrpura de la rosa in Minneapolis. In addition to the Saturday night performance listed in the AMS Program, performances will take place on the other evenings of that weekend. Louise Stein has written the notes for this performance and urges all to attend.

Ars Musica Chicago, directed by Enrique Arias, announces a concert of music from the Newberry Choir Books will be performed at that Library on 21 March.

In the next Issue of the Newsletter
A report on the AMS IHMSG Study Session by Grayson Wagstaff and reviews of recent recordings by John Koegel. Please notify the Coordinator of books, recordings and other events that should be covered in the Newsletter.

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