IHMSG News: Posted 20 Jan. 2001





Editorial Boileau, Barcelona is pleased to announce the preparation of the first urtext critical edition of the complete works for piano of ENRIQUE GRANADOS (1867—1916) under the direction of ALICIA DE LARROCHA.  The edition will be prepared and documented by DOUGLAS RIVA.  The official presentation of the De Larrocha—Riva edition will be in May, 2001. 

Known throughout the world as one of the greatest pianists of the 20th Century, Alicia de Larrocha is the foremost authority in the music of her native Spain, particularly the music of Granados.  The Boileau urtext critical edition of Granados´ piano works will be the product of Alicia de Larrocha´s lifetime of experience as well as extensive research.  The edition will include scores of Granados’ complete piano music (grouped according to genres, i.e. Danzas, Valses, etc.) and will include a considerable number of previously unpublished works.  In addition, Granados’ virtually unknown pedagogical works will be included.  Every score published in the Boileau edition will be thoroughly revised by Alicia de Larrocha.

Working under her supervision, pianist Douglas Riva is preparing and documenting the edition, which will include extensive notes and commentary.  Douglas Riva, whose first introduction to Spanish music was through the inimitable performances of Alicia de Larrocha, has devoted over 20 years to the study and performance of Granados’ music.  In the words of Granados' daughter Natalia, Douglas Riva “knows everything relating to my father to perfection."   Currently, Dr. Riva is recording the complete works of Granados for Naxos.  To date 3 compact discs of the projected 10 of the series have been released.  For information on the Naxos recordings see www.naxos.com.           

The goal of the Boileau edition is to publish Granados’ music, with the utmost accuracy possible, through an urtext  critical edition which will document the composer’s final intentions for his piano works.  The realization of this project has required the creation of a special type of critical edition.  A traditional critical edition, prepared solely on the basis of autograph manuscripts and first editions revised by the composer, would not be sufficient in this instance.   Granados’ case is unique.

For various reasons, Granados habitually published his works hastily,  before they were--in his opinion--definitively completed.  After publication, through continuous artistic development and inspiration, Granados revised and modified passages of his compositions until he arrived at what was his final version.  Publication of new versions was economically impractical so he instead conveyed his intentions to his students, specifically his principal disciple and foremost student, Frank Marshall

Fortunately, the Granados pianistic legacy has not been lost.  Today, Alicia de Larrocha continues this heritage.  Her family maintained close ties to Granados--both her mother and her aunt were Granados’ students.  In addition, Alicia de Larrocha was the leading student of Frank Marshall and thus, is the inheritor of this illustrious pianistic tradition--the legacy of Enrique Granados.  The Boileau urtext critical edition, directed and revised by Alicia de Larrocha, will present  Granados’ music as the composer himself passed his music down to Frank Marshall, who in turn passed the Granados legacy to Alicia de Larrocha.

The Boileau urtext critical edition will include the notation of Granados’ intentions for his works, exactly as he himself transmitted his intentions to Frank Marshall, who in turn passed the Granados legacy on to Alicia de Larrocha. Other sources for the Boileau edition will include Granados’ extant manuscripts, sketches, correspondence, etc., as well as transcriptions of the composer’s sonic recordings and his piano—roll recordings.  The variants for each individual work will be documented in the accompanying Annotations, allowing the reader to view Granados’ compositional process and to trace the development of his music from the original version to the final version.  By using the Boileau edition pianists will be able to study and play Granados’ music as the composer himself would have liked.  The edition will also include the first complete catalogue of Granados´ piano works, cataloged according to genres with “DLR” numbering.          

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