IHMSG News: Posted 13 July 2001

Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 13:43:55 +0100
From: Annelies Van Boxel <annelies.vanboxel@ALAMIRE.COM>

Music Publishers Alamire are delighted to announce a new facsimile:

Choirbook for Philip the Fair and Juana of Castile
Ms 9126, Brussel, Koninklijke bibliotheek
Edited by Eugeen Schreurs, Introduction by Fabrice Fitch
ISBN 90 6853 142 5, $110, 122.71 euro, order number IA14

Ms 9126 is one of the most significant manuscripts for sacred polyphony of
the first decade of the sixteenth century.  It was copied at the Dutch
court, intended for Philip the Fair.  Most of its content originates from
composers with direct links to Philip's chapel, either through membership
at the time of copying (La Rue, Agricola, De Orto), or through proximity
with it during that period (Josquin).

The main part of this choirbook consists of 3 masses and 4 motets by
Josquin Desprez and 4 masses, 2 magnificats and 2 motets by Pierre de la
Rue.  This handy manuscript also contains a further 2 masses, a magnificat
and 4 motets by Agricola, Barbireau and De Orto.  The manuscript was
produced in the workshops of Petrus Alamire which is a guarantee for superb
illustrations of excellent quality.  One of the miniatures is a unique
portrait of Philip the Fair and Joan of Castile.

you find more information about this and ogher facsimiles on our website

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