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Undergraduate Research Internships

During the late winter and early spring terms of each year, all students in the first year class will be invited to attend an HHMI research internship information session.  Here, students will learn the details of the program and how to apply.

To arrange an internship, students must find a research mentor, and the details of how to do this will be provided at the information sessions.  Students can click here to find links to science faculty that may serve as potential research mentors (i. e. faculty in departments in the Science Division, Psychological and Brain Sciences in the Social Science Division, faculty in the Thayer School of Engineering, and faculty in the Dartmouth Medical School. In addition, potential interns may find the following tips for arranging a research internship helpful as well.  Please also feel free to contact Prof. Sloboda or Dean Funnell for advice or to obtain an answer to a specific question.

Note that acceptable projects require a hands on laboratory experience including original research on a topic (not one necessarily thought up by the intern) that is life science oriented. Projects with a quantitative component (for example, writing a computer algorithm to address a life science need, performing a rigorous statistical analysis on a data set from the life sciences, etc.) are also acceptable projects. For examples of current projects being conducted by HHMI interns, please click here.

HHMI interns will present their work in the form of a poster at the Wetterhahn Undergraduate Life Science Symposium held during May.

For the results of an evaluation of the HHMI Research Internship Program, conducted by RSG, Inc. of White River Junction, VT, please click here.


Prof. Roger Sloboda
Program Director
Biological Sciences
222 LSC

Dean Margaret Funnell
Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Undergraduate Research
Parker House

Nancy Serrell
Director of Outreach
339 Blunt

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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Dartmouth College

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