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HHMI Postdoctoral Fellowships

Thanks for your interest in the HHMI teaching postdoctoral fellowships at Dartmouth. Funding for these fellowships ended with the application cycle for appointments beginning in the fall of 2010.

The Department of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College, with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, supports two HHMI Postdoctoral Fellowships in the Life Sciences per year. The HHMI Fellowships are two-year, non-tenure track positions with NIH NRSA scale salaries and Dartmouth health benefits. The fellowships are designed to provide training to postdoctoral fellows in the arts of teaching and research. The principles guiding the program are as follows:

  1. Each fellow will pursue a life science-related research project in the laboratory of a Dartmouth faculty member from an appropriate department in the Arts and Sciences, Medical School, or Engineering School. 
  2. Collaborative projects that involve more than one laboratory at Dartmouth will also be considered. 
  3. Fellowships are arranged by prospective fellows through contact with an interested Dartmouth mentor(s).
  4. During the first year, each fellow will be paired with a senior faculty member with whom they will co-teach an undergraduate course; they will then teach a course alone during the second year, under the mentorship of a senior faculty member. 
  5. Additional training in teaching will occur through mentoring and workshops designed specifically for the fellows by staff of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning. Thus, the fellows will receive substantial training under the guidance of experienced faculty and education mentors.  Examples of activities for postdocs available through DCAL can be found here, and more general teaching resources can be found here.  Finally, note that the Office of the Provost oversees Dartmouth's Postdoctoral Association.
  6. The goal of the HHMI Fellowships is to ensure that fellows develop strong research and teaching credentials so that they may present a highly competitive application to any college in the country. 

The fellowship program is advertised nationally in Science during late January and early February of each year. Details for preparing an application will be provided in the announcement that appears in Science.


September 2007 – August 2009

Dr. Michael Wolyniak
Mentor:  Dr. Charles Cole, Biochemistry (Dartmouth Medical School)
Current Position:  Assistant Professor, Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia

Dr. Dhana Nair
Mentor:  Dr. Amy Gladfelter, Biological Sciences
Current Position:  Research Associate, Dartmouth Medical School

September 2008 – August 2010

Dr. Ernesto Ruelas
Mentor:  Dr. Matt Ayres

Dr. Lisa Treat
Mentors:  Dr. Keith Paulsen & Dr. Brian Pogue, Thayer School of Engineering
Dr. Joyce DeLeo, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Dartmouth Medical School

September 2009 – August 2011

Dr. Jeffrey Evans
Mentor:  Dr. Rebecca Irwin, Biological Sciences

Dr. Justin Gaudet
Mentor:  Dr. Sharon Bickel, Biological Sciences


Prof. Roger Sloboda
Program Director
Biological Sciences
222 LSC

Dean Margaret Funnell
Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Undergraduate Research
Parker House

Nancy Serrell
Director of Outreach
339 Blunt

Program funded by:
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

and administered by:
Dartmouth College

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